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supporting the South African economy through your skincare regimen.

Supporting small local businesses is more important now than ever before. The current economic climate hasn’t been easy on anyone, but it’s the smaller brands that we want to shine a light on and give a boost during these strange times. You may feel like you’re not able to do much, but you can still make a big difference simply by choosing to support small businesses - especially this Heritage Month 🇿🇦

here, just some of the reasons to shop locally:


1.   the multiplier effect

Local businesses are known to have a “multiplier effect” on their communities—the idea that when you shop locally, your money stays in the community and helps local development. For example, a skincare brand sourcing ingredients from local farms uses a local accountant to help with numbers and hires a local graphic designer to create a brand, while everyone on the payroll may go to local restaurants. These collaborations form symbiotic relationships that help the whole community prosper.

Part of what makes so special is that we donate a percentage of every sale to Greenpop, an award-winning non-profit organisation based in Cape Town that is saving our country and planet, one tree at a time.

2.  heart and passion

Supporting small businesses is a good experience for you, too. Small business owners truly care about your needs and have your back. They often go above and beyond to deliver excellence and will make you feel like you’re a part of their family and story.

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3. human touch

Supporting local businesses allows you to actually meet the people responsible for the products and services they offer. There isn’t some faceless CEO somewhere, but a person with a dream providing an experience that is uniquely designed by them.

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here’s how you can help:

Next time, before you hit “place order” with an e-commerce giant, find out whether a local retailer offers the same or a similar item. You can also put a spotlight on small independent businesses by following them on social media, writing positive reviews, and posting photos of purchases. Just don’t forget to tag the businesses!

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