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When it comes to understanding why certain products are better for specific skin concerns, it can be difficult to measure when progress is occurring. When it comes to, the effects have been unanimous. In only four to eight weeks, we have seen healthier, transformed skin in every model. By highlighting these transformative results, you’ll begin to see what we mean by super-powered We don’t say is a serious cosmeceutical workout for nothing.

We used the 7th generation VISIA Complexion Analysis System to measure progress over four, eight and twelve weeks’ time with twelve of my own patients. Every model enrolled in the study had before and after VISIA Complexion Analysis photos taken with follow-ups every four weeks, allowing us to document all skin changes accurately with unbiased scoring through the VISIA Complexion Analysis System. Furthermore, every model was also asked to stop using their regular serums and switch to for the duration of the time (however they continued with their usual routine of cleansers, moisturisers and sunscreen).

Keep scrolling to witness these transformations and find out why the only thing more ubiquitous than the name is the results.

From the dr. you trust,

Dr Alek

VISIA analysis key words explained:

Spots: vary in shape and size and are typically visible by the naked eye.

Texture: raised and depressed areas on the skin surface which determines smoothness.

Wrinkles: furrows, folds, lines, or creases visible on the skin surface.

Pores: visible openings on the skin surface that represent sweat gland ducts. Enlarged pores appear darker in colour.

UV Spots: pigmented lesions found just below the skin surface.

Brown Spots: pigmented lesions on and deep in the skin.

Porphyrins: bacterial excretions found on the skin and typically lodge in pores. Can be an indication of poor skin barrier function.

Percentile Scores: 100% is the best result and similarly 0% is the worst result possible.

model 1

Products used: pure, flash, gloss, marvel

Time frame of study: 26th April 2018 to 29th May 2018

Spots: 20% to 78% Percentile score improvement.

Texture: 51% to 85% Percentile score improvement.

Brown spots: 22% to 29% Percentile score improvement.

model 2

Products used: flash, gloss, marvel

Time frame of study: 7th April 2018 to 8th June 2018

Overall Improvement: the below Visia photos visibly shows an overall improvement in skin glow, texture, and fine lines and wrinkles.

Spots: 12% to 58% Percentile score improvement.

Texture: 64% to 90% Percentile score improvement.

Brown spots: 85% to 93% Percentile score improvement.

Porphyrins: 46% to 87% Percentile score improvement.

model 3

Products used: flash, gloss, marvel

Fine lines and Wrinkles: 33% to 59% Percentile score improvement.

Texture: 69% to 77% Percentile score improvement.

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