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your winter skin survival guide

Winter can be a wonderland - that is, until your skin starts feeling the effects: It gets dryer and may feel rough to the touch or become easily irritated. What’s going on here? The combo of cold air outside and dry heat indoors depletes moisture from your body, leaving your skin dry, red and irritated. These are all signs that your skin barrier has been compromised, resulting in water loss that weakens your skin’s ability to repair and protect itself, leading to dry, patchy skin. And the cycle starts all over again. Thankfully, this story has a happy ending. If the dreaded winter skin is the enemy, then these super-powered products are the heroes you need to add to your skincare routine ASAP


Exfoliation is non-negotiable in any season, but especially in winter, as the sudden skin drought is when you’re more likely to experience dead skin build-up. Over time, dead skin cells can lead to a dull complexion and gently sloughing them away can allow new cells to rise to the surface, revealing softer, smoother and more luminous skin. Plus, removing this layer makes it easier for topical products to penetrate your skin - so you're getting the most out of your routine.

opt for acids

Physical exfoliators like scrubs can cause micro-tears in the skin and make skin more irritated. We prefer chemical exfoliators which contain alpha and beta hydroxy acids like glycolic and salicylic acid to gently dissolve dead skin cells


Cold weather causes the water in your skin to evaporate a lot faster than in summer. The good news is you can add moisture back with your skincare routine. We recommend incorporating hyaluronic acid, ceramides and vitamin E into your skincare arsenal this winter (all three of which are found naturally in our bodies). Hyaluronic acid is a humectant, which means it attracts and holds water. Ceramides are lipids (fats) that sit on the top layer of your skin, helping to reinforce the barrier function. And finally, vitamin E has moisturising and healing benefits, and when it’s paired with vitamin C (which we’ll get to in a sec) they’re even more effective as partners.

get your vitamin c

Vitamin C is the not-so-secret secret to glowing skin. One of the most popular antioxidants used in skin care, and for good reason, vitamin C works on several levels to:

✨ protect your skin against dulling environmental stressors like UV rays and air pollution

✨ reduce hyperpigmentation (like sun spots, age spots and acne scars), making skin appear brighter and  more radiant

✨ prevent collagen breakdown, resulting in tighter and more supple skin

So, what’s not to love? But not all variations of vitamin C are created equal. We suggest looking for formulas with vitamin C in the form of ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate - instead of ascorbic acid, which is the purest form of vitamin C. This oil-soluble vitamin C derivative can be ideal for those with sensitive skin since it tends to be more stable and less irritating.

Now go on and glow!

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