Our mission is to empower your skin and to restore it to its fullest health by improving and reversing specific skin concerns through the use of products. Dr Alek Nikolic formulated products with five goals in mind: to use the best and highest concentration active ingredients available, to combine ingredients in every serum that also repair and maintain the skin barrier, to use ingredients that minimise skin reactions, to make products readily accessible and to ensure that all products can be easily added to any basic skincare regime.

skincare ingredients =

The name originated from Dr Alek’s
core vision for

“My focus is not only the skincare ingredients used but also how the combination of these ingredients in the various formulations help to target specific skin concerns and correct the health and hydration of the skin barrier.”

how was started came into existence many years before the company Skin Ingredients (Pty) Ltd was founded in 2017, when renowned aesthetic medical practitioner Dr Alek realised that there was a need for doctor prescribed cosmeceuticals to be more freely available. The stumbling blocks most companies faced was that active ingredients could cause unwanted skin reactions, limiting the availability at cosmetic practices and dermatologists. However, Dr Alek knew that active prescription strength ingredients do exist that limit the possibility of skin reactions and went to work to bring them to a wider market.

Research and development for began in 2015 when Dr Alek started working closely with compounding pharmacists, international ingredient suppliers and packaging experts to ensure that the quality of the ingredients not only matched’s mission but also Dr Alek's exacting standards. The 3-year journey culminated in a premium skincare brand that uses premium ingredients to maximise skin care results while simultaneously limiting skin reactions. These formulations are paraben free, vegan, gluten, soy and nut free, and, most importantly, are never tested on animals (cruelty-free).

One of our endeavours to look after the environment is to support local organisations that are actively involved in protecting and enhancing our environment. We have contributed a certain percentage from our very first sale to Greenpop and all our contributions are channelled to the Plant a Tree or Forest Restoration and Fynbos for the Future projects.

what do products treat?

acne, pores, oily skin:

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fine lines, wrinkles:

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rough skin, texture:

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repairing skin barrier:

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improving function and health of the skin barrier:

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stimulation of collagen and elastin:

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increase moisture levels:

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flex it.
mend it.
work it.

Potent enough to target the errors of the past, powerful enough to get your skin working at its best again - take Dr Alek's test to see which shot is going to deliver the cosmeceutical workout your skin needs now.

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don't take it.
defy it.