let me introduce you to your new superheros

Potent enough to target the errors of the past, powerful enough to get your skin working at its best again, gives you superpowers.

When it comes to medical-grade ingredients and doctor formulated skincare, there’s nothing better than to give you a serious cosmeceutical workout. super skin = super you.

What’s your workout regime? is your ultimate skincare programme for radiant results. Mend your skin with hyper-radiant ingredients that are suitable for all skin types. Don’t sweat the negative skin reactions: these active ingredients have been chosen for their ability to be more completely absorbed and minimise skin reactions. Not to mention, with, your product plan is tailored to you so that you can flex with confidence. 💪

Your new favourite superheroes

BRB, just putting on my bounce serum to reverse sun damage. It’s your FWB (face-care with benefits) to give you the best of everything in one product friendship. 👭 I’m talking about all of’s super ingredients packed into one beautiful bottle: granactive retinol (vitamin A) + ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate (vitamin C) + tocopherols (vitamin E) = your daily multi-vitamin. This all-in-one will get you bouncing back to healthy, firm skin in a flash.

Speaking of flash— are you DTF (down to flash?). 1, 2, 3, go! Bring on the retinol repair. Vitamin A combined with vitamin C is the ultimate power pair to build up your skin strength while repairing damage to the skin barrier. Name a better duo: I’ll wait.

Start with flash 1, move slowly to flash 2 then kick into high gear with flash 3. It’s the high intensity training for your skin you’ve always wanted but never knew you needed. Work that healthy skin so you can flash the world some ultra-radiance. ⚡

OMG (oh my gloss), are you ready for a powerful antioxidant radiant shot? Vitamin C, FTW (for the winter [and for the win]!). Lipid-soluble vitamin C (ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate 10%) sinks deep within that tired skin to pump up collagen levels for ageless skin that’s smoother than a baby seal’s bottom. Oh, and did I mention gloss has high levels of D-panthenol and hyaluronic acid to boost skin hydration? One more reason to say gloss is the boss. ✨ 👸

WTF (work those features) girl! With marvel, get high concentrations of hyaluronic acid and vitamin E so you can finally tell dry skin: bye, see you never. 👋
Use marvel as a daily moisturising serum to complete your routine for your happily ever after at the end of each day. 👸 pure medi-shot is a shot of straight-from-the-gym luminosity. It’s your glow up IRL. Consider salicylic acid your sister from another mister: she’s there by your side. She defends your reputation. She makes you look good. 😎 👭

P.S. Did I mention pure is the saving grace for your complexion? Start with decongestion, end with a clean complexion. With pure, you can be sure all you see in the mirror is purely skin. Salicylic acid, papaya and pineapple extract bring sweet enzymes to fight acne, while niacinamide and hyaluronic acid reduce pores, gently exfoliate and hydrate all at once. Insider tip: boost your spa treatment results and use pure as your at-home facial peel. 👍


2 Comments to “ let me introduce you to your new super heros”

  1. Alta Vermooten says :

    I’m 59 concerned about large pores sun damage and wrinkles, what do You recommend please?

    1. Good morning Alta and thank you for your question on the site.
      This is a difficult question to answer over the net as ideally one would like to examine the skin before deciding on the best skincare regime.
      As a general guide for the concerns you mentioned I would recommend the following: gloss | radiant shot:
      This contains a high concentration of vitamin C which is specifically indicated to act as a day time antioxidant, and to help reduce pigmentation and fine lines and wrinkles.
      Apply to cleansed, dry skin in the mornings before any other moisturiser or serum. Use one full pump to cover the entire face.
      Wait for your skin to completely absorb gloss before applying any other topical products, such as your moisturiser and sunscreen.
      Use every third morning for the first two weeks, then every second morning for the next two weeks.
      If no skin reaction occurs continue to apply gloss every morning. pure | medi shot:
      This contains salicylic acid amongst other ingredients that are all directed at improving pores, fine lines and wrinkles and to a certain degree hyperpigmentation
      Apply to cleansed skin every third night, and if there are no sensitivities after 3 weeks then start applying every second night. Allow product to dry, then follow your regular night time skin regime, such as bounce, flash, or marvel. flash | repair shot: or bounce | combo shot:

      If you decide to go with the flash range then I would start with the flash 2. flash contains a high concentration of retinol which is specifically indicated to help reduce pores, improve pigmentation and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.
      Apply to cleansed, dry skin at night before any other moisturiser or serum.
      Use one full pump to cover the entire face.
      Wait for flash to be completely absorbed before applying any other topical products, such as your night time moisturiser.
      Use every third night for the first two weeks, followed by every second night for an additional two weeks.
      If no skin reaction occurs continue to apply flash every night.

      The advantage with the bounce is that it contains what flash has but a much higher concentration of vitamin C which will have an added effect on pigment marks and fine lines and wrinkles.

      Please remember that you must always use a sunblock with an SPF of 30 or higher that contains Zinc Oxide and/or Titanium Dioxide during the day while using these products and to get the best effect in reducing pigment marks.
      To see best results one should use the above skincare regime for at least 8 to 12 weeks as changes are slow with a topical regime alone.

      To enhance the effects I would also recommend professional treatments that can include chemical peels, Dermapen, and even laser based machines. Also depending on the severity or depth of the wrinkles one may have to consider injectable treatments such as Botox and dermal fillers.

      I hope the above has helped but let me know if you need any further info.
      Kind regards
      Dr Alek

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